Open Sterile ISO 2R 6R 10R Vials from VOIGT GLOBAL

As the global demand for open sterile vials increases, so does the requirement for manufacturing standardization and distribution efficiency. To achieve the utmost efficiency and reproducible quality while maximizing global standardization in vial size, new automated manufacturing systems and equipment will be implemented in the coming 2-3 years. Once fully implemented, there will be a slight dimensional change to some of the open sterile RTF vials we offer.

International Standards Organization (ISO) – Vial Dimensions

Below is a table of the open sterile vial dimensions we offer now VS what the ISO replacement will be in 2-3 years:

2ml clear and amber15x32mm16x35mm
5ml/6ml clear and amber22x40mmremains the same
10ml clear and amber24x50mm24x45mm

NOTICE: the same size seals and stoppers you order will also work with the ISO version. Only the vial OD x H changes (NOT the crimp finish).

You can immediately order samples of non-sterile ISO 2R, 6R, and 10R vials to review ahead of time. If your pharmacy is applying labels to the vials, you may want to order a few sample pieces to make sure the labels and other packaging (eg: vial boxes, etc) will work with the new ISO vial dimensions. For a visual illustration of our 62121S-10 and 62421S-10 in comparison to an ISO 10R vial size, please see the image below:

ISO vials from Voigt Global - ISO 2R 6R and 10R open sterile vials

If you have any questions, please send us an email:
The implementation of this new ISO standard production line will probably be in 2024 or 2025.