Compounding Pharmacy Supplies

VGDINC offers a wide array of vial packaging supplies for compounding pharmacies that compound injectable pharmaceutical drugs. Through our reseller IVPACKS LLC , we offer primary vial packaging components worldwide, incuding:

Serum Vials – clear and amber serum vials and serum bottles ranging from 2ml to 500ml. We offer raw (you wash and sterilize), as well as pre-washed and sterilized formats. Our sterile vials are available as open sterile vials as well as sealed sterile vials.

Vial Stoppers – an entensize in-stock selection of vial stoppers, including round bottom, straight plug, lyophilization (2-leg, 3-leg and igloo lyophilization vial stoppers), pre-washed ready to sterilize vial stoppers as well as gamma-irradiated sterile vial stoppers.

Vial Seals – the widest in-stock selection of West Pharmaceutical Services brand vial seals, including embossed Flip Off vial seals, non-embossed West Matte Flip Off vial seals, non-embossed West Smooth Gloss vial seals and West Flip Off-Tear Off vial seals (used when contents are to be poured out).

Vial Crimpers – USA manufactured manual and pneumatic vial crimpers. VGDINC has immediate stock availability of vial crimpers for the following size seals: 8mm, 13mm, 20mm, 30mm and 32mm vial seal crimpers. We also offer vial decappers / vial de-crimpers

Vial Boxes serum vial boxes for both single vials and multi-vial box packaging is available.