Washed serum vials for pharmaceutical packaging, biologicals packaging and cosmetics packaging. Contact information for VOIGT VIALS or 1.785.393.8509

The pharmaceutical standards for vial washing are particularly stringent, and can be a daunting task for 503a compounding pharmacies and 503b outsourcing contract pharmaceutical manufacturing organizations. The VOIGT VIALS selection includes pre-washed, ready to sterilize pharmaceutical injection vials, including 2ml, 6ml, and 10ml sizes in both clear and amber. As an adjunct to our washed ready to sterilize vials, we offer washed ready to sterilize vial stoppers. Our Ready to Sterilize vial stoppers are available in 13mm, 20mm and 30mm sizes. The 13mm and 20mm RTS vial stoppers are available in both round bottom as well as lyophilization styles.

VOIGT VIALS and VOIGT VIAL STOPPERS – washed vials and washed vial stoppers, ready to sterilize, are immediately available with worldwide shipping and Customs clearance. Please contact us by email at or call 1.785.393.8509